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How to Choose a Bond Originator? +

There are several ways to choose a reputable bond originator, however, here are some suggestions of how some of our users started their search:

1. Use a search engine like Google to check out the profile of the bond originator you are considering using, including using search terms like:  complaints, reviews etc.
2. Ask the bond originator for testimonials from previous clients.
3. Ask the bond originator how many years they have been in the home loan business.
4. Ask your friends or family to refer you to someone they received good service from

These are just a few ways to either find out more about someone you already have in mind or to help you to start your search.

What Does a Bond Originator Do? +

A bond originator acts as an intermediary between you (the client) and the bank.  They will complete a home loan application (done the right way) on your behalf and apply to several banks simultaneously, thereby saving time, and giving you the opportunity to choose between various offers from various banks.

The bond originator will also negotiate the best terms of the loan (amount, time period interest rate) on your behalf.

One of the biggest benefits is that you have one person to deal with, and you don't have to speak to a call centre to explain the story each time.  The bond originator does all the follow ups and fighting with the banks and reports back to you.

What Type of Service Should You Expect From Your Bond Originator? +

The aim of the bond originator is to (1) get you an approval (2) at the best possible terms, (3) in the shortest possible time... in that order.

To make this possible the bond originator has to stay in constant contact with the bank and then give through the most pertinent information through to you and your estate agent.

We strive to follow up with the banks every, but this is not always possible, so at least every 2 days.  Therefore you should also get feedback from the bond originator every two days.

Email is an effective way to keep in contact, but if you prefer another method of contact be sure to let the originator know so that they can use the most convenient method for you.

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