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Simply complete the form below to get your free quote....

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Fed Up With Your Bank…Call Centre Consultants…
Incompetency… Poor Service… Being Treated Like
An Account or Number?

ZULIKA for beatthebanks with tagline copyAre you tired of struggling and begging your bank for a home loan? Frustrated that most banks charge high fees to get a home loan? Then you’ve come to the right place if you’re serious about getting your home loan approved and save money!

My name is Zulika van Heerden and I’m the owner of GPF Mortgage. As a 15+ year veteran in the mortgage and real estate business I have seen buyers and homeowners just like YOU approaching their bank for a loan only to be hugely disappointed when their application gets declined.

The really sad part is that most of these applications could have been ‘saved’

Discover how to get the best home loan rates that beat your bank.

skelmMost of us think ‘bank’ when we think about getting a home loans, and one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to go to your bank and do things on the ‘advice’ of your bank.

Marketing departments in banks do their best to convince us they have our best interests at heart and that they really care about us. However, the reality is that since the 1990’s banks have become more commercialised in nature and today are nothing more than money shops.

They manage their operations with eyes fixed on profit margins under the mask of ‘customer service, care and protection’. They’re like a second-hand car salesman (no offense) with the only difference that our bank ‘managers’ don’t wear gold chains.

The trouble is, we continue to treat financial institutions as if they still have the same core values they had in the 1950’s. The fact is that banks are in the business of making money – THEY ARE NOT THERE TO HELP YOU SAVE MONEY.

So if you keep doing things on the ‘advice’ of your bank it virtually guarantees that you’re going to get ripped off one way or the other in junk fees, prepayment penalties, bait and switch tactics and a host of other tricks they up up their sleeves.


Simply complete the form below to get your free quote....