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No Cost Home Loans For First Time Buyers*

  • Buy a Home Even if You Have No Money For a Deposit
  • Pay Zero Attorney Fees
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  • Quick & Easy Home Loan Approval
  • Hassle Free Home Loans
  • Less Paperwork, More Smiles

Simply complete the form below to get your free quote....

Simply complete the form below to get your free quote....

Simply complete the form below to get your free quote....

Who Are You?

With more than R800 million of home loans arranged, Zulika van Heerden has been making the process of buying a house easier for first time buyers.

Her expertise in the home financing industry allows her great leverage in negotiating the best home loan interest rates with various banks and direct lenders across South Africa. For her customers, this means the best possible value in rates, terms and conditions for their specific home financing needs.

This could result in hundreds of thousands of rands in savings throughout the years of home ownership.

She has a proven track record in helping first time home buyers getting a home loan even if they have ONE CENT for a deposit, bond registration and transfer fees. She totally removes the money-stress when it comes to buying a house. Zulika has over 15 years of industry experience to assist you through the emotional experience of buying a house

First Time Home Buyer
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As a first time home buyer, I’m sure you have many questions. Based on the feedback we get from clients, listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions first time buyers has about applying for a home loan.

If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to ask via email (info@gpfmortgage.co.za)
or phone (0861 106 204).


What are the benefits of using your service? +

Besides simplifying your life in ways you can’t imagine, our service is so L-O-A-D-E-D with cost savings value (and we can back this up with proof from clients) it would take a few pages to cover it all. Having said that I realise you’re busy, so I’m just going to highlight a few benefits you receive as a first time home buyer.


-    Financing options to help you buy a home with no deposit
-    Pay ZERO bond registration and transfer fees
-    Your home loan is guaranteed
-    You don’t have to deal with incompetent banking staff
-    You sit back and relax while we get your home loan approved quickly and easily
-    Get multiple lenders to compete for your business
-    You won’t get ripped off by your bank
-    Less stress and hassle (we do all the paperwork and running around)
-    Free first time home buyers guide

What makes you different to other bond originators/home loan brokers? +

I guess this is the part where I brag how great we are and how horrible the other bond originators are. But, I’m not going to that and I prefer my clients to do the “bragging” on our behalf. This is the kind words Mrs Parisha Singh from Randburg had to say about us.


parisha - gpf home loans


If you want to read more reviews from satisfied customers click here


Must I use my estate agents in-house bond originator? +

If you want to save money, then the answer is no. Where we use the commission we get from lenders to offset your costs, greedy estate agents like to get paid from the sale of a property as well as getting a kick-back from the bond commission.

A sneaky little trick some (not all) estate agents use to earn more money is to arm-twist buyers into using their in-house bond originators’. You see unscrupulous agents (especially if it’s a seller’s market) will take advantage of ignorant first time home buyers fear losing the home of their dreams. They might even go so far to deliberately create panic by arranging all the viewings of the property on a Sunday, for example, which would obviously create a heightened sense of competition amongst would-be buyers.

This is exactly what the agent wants because they know it makes you vulnerable. Since commissions are at stake, the agent has a lot to gain by selling you the services of their in-house bond originator. Typically, she does it like a snake oil salesman. She might say to the buyer: “Well, the seller wants this deal to go through without hiccups, and the best way to make sure that happens would be to use our own bond originators. That way we could guaranteed that everything runs smoothly and make sure the seller is satisfied.”

However, unethical estate agents  who make things difficult for buyers to arrange their own finance are acting against the Estate Agent’s Code of conduct. In clause 2.7 of Agent’s Code of conduct it states: “shall not discriminate against a prospective purchaser of immovable property on the grounds that such purchaser will not, or is unlikely to, make use of financial assistance made available by any specific person or financial institution and which the estate agent offers to arrange on his behalf" Prohibition against undue influence; No estate agent shall without good cause and sufficient cause, directly or indirectly, in any manner whatsoever, solicit, encourage, persuade or influence any party or potential party to a pending or a completed transaction to utilise or refrain from utilising - (7.1) the services of any particular attorney, conveyancer or firm of attorneys (7.2) the services or financial assistance offered by any financial institution to members of the public”

So, to summarize the legal talk into plain English

  • the estate cannot pressurize you to use their bond originator and therefor you should resist any pressure from your agent.
  • your offer to purchase cannot be jeopardized if you decide to use your own bond originators and not the agents in-house home loan broker
  • the estate agent is not allowed to “add” a specific home loan broker into the offer to purchase to let you to believe that you are contractually bound to use their bond originator. It is within your rights to cross out the estate agents preferred home loan broker from the contract before you sign anything.
  • Agents are not allowed to exclusively suggest one bond originator over other originators’ based purely on contractual grounds (ie.by adding a specific vendor in the contract)

Estate agents who violate these code of ethics could face severe consequences which could results in fines. So, instead of fattening the agents back pocket, use your own bond originator and save money.


good service gpf



Do I have to pay you to hire you as my bond originator? +

No. My service is 100% free. We get paid an outsourcing fee by the lender that we determine is best suited for your unique needs, so can enjoy the benefits of saving money and time with our service- for FREE!

If I'm pre-qualified through GPF Mortgage how to I get a bond after I sign an Offer to Purchase? +

Simply send Zulika or Estelle a copy of the offer to purchase and they will complete the application on your behalf.

Can a South African resident working abroad apply for a home loan to buy a house in South Africa? +

As a South African resident working abroad, you can apply for a home loan of up to 70%.  Most of the SA banks will give a loan of up to 80% but every application will be looked at on it's own merits.

Living abroad must be temporary which means you intend to come back to South Africa.  If you have made an emmigration application or the like, then you will not be able to apply.

For more information regarding this, contact us for assistance.

Who is going to see my personal details and application? +

Your information is confidential and only the people involved in processing the home loan application will see your details.

What is the difference between an approval in principal and a final grant? +

When you receive an approval in principle it means that the bank has completed a credit check and affordability assessment.  A final approval is issued when a valuation of the property has been done by a valuator appointed by the bank.  A valuation is done either physically by someone visiting the property, or a "desktop valuation" if there has been a lot of recent movement in the market in the area.

Do you get more commission from certain banks and thereby recommend one bank over another? +

Some banks do pay us more commission than others, and some of the non-banks don't pay a commission at all, however that doesn't really make a difference to me.  Over the last 14 years in the business I've learned that if I don't do everything in my power to help a client find the best home loan possible, it will cost me a lot more in lost referrals and repeat business.  That is why it is not negotiable that I provide unbiased professional advise that is it YOUR best interest, not mine.

Am I obligated to accept home loan approvals sourced by GPF Mortgage? +

No.  If we get you a bond approval it is your choice to either accept or reject it.  You are under no obligation.

What if I already have a pre-qualifation from a bank? +

GPF Mortgage can still complete a home loan application for you or we can see if we are able to get you a better offer at another bank.

How will I know what the progress of my application is? +

Your GPF Mortgage home loan professional will keep you informed with each step of the process. You have one contact person so she will always be able to tell you what is happening.

Must I take a 20 year bond term? +

It is your choice.  The default term is 20 years, but you can apply for a maximum of up to 30 years.  The shorter the repayment term the higher your monthly bond payment will be, however, it will cost you less in interest as opposed to a longer repayment term.


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