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Simply complete the form below to get your free quote....

Why Refinance?

Refinance is simply switching your old home loan for a new one by taking an additional amount on your bond and putting the mortgage back to 20 years. Refinancing can also mean moving your mortgage to a different financial institution. Refinancing is also referred to as ‘loan switching’ from one lender to another.

By switching your home loan you can get access to the equity that you have in your property, which is the difference between the value of your home and what you owe on the mortgage.

Don’t let refinancing scare you off! Here’s how to make sure you’ll actually save money when refinancing.

Interest rates have come down quite a bit in the last couple of years, in fact, it’s the lowest it’s been in 30 years. You could save a lot by refinancing if you currently have a fixed interest rate home loan or if your regular home loan is at a higher than normal interest rate. Getting a lower interest rate means lower monthly repayments.

If you’re planning to move house soon, then refinancing might not be a wise option. It’s best to weight up factors like the costs involved to determine whether it’s viable if you’re only going to be there a little while longer.

If you get a 1% reduction on your interest rate after refinancing you’ll probably save about R500pm but if your cancellation and re-registration costs are about R10 000 then it will take you almost 2 years to make up the costs. That is the reason it’s crucial that you know how long you still want to stay there, because if you move house in just a few months it’s going to cost you money.

If you would like to know if it would be wise for you to refinance or not, give me a call. As a refinancing expert I can review your personal standing and give you a broad review of all the cost implications and other benefits. I have access to specialised financial institutions that have very good interest rates. I’ll help you come out much better off with a refinance.

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Simply complete the form below to get your free quote....


Simply complete the form below to get your free quote....