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Service at South African Banks is Poor...They Treat you Like an Account or Number...And, if You're Really Lucky, it Usually Takes Weeks for Them to Tell you if Your Home Loan Has Been Approved!

No matter if you are buying your first home or looking for lower interest rates on your current property , don't approach your bank or a mortgage broker until you've read the following. Discover how to avoid the biggest mistakes people make when applying for a home loan which can cripple you financially over the next 20 or 30 years!

How to Quickly and Easily Get Your SA Home Loan application Approved Without Going Though All The Hassle - 100% GUARANTEED!


Let me cut to the chase here and ask you a few simple questions? Would you like to get your home loan approved quickly and easily…without struggling and going through the hassles of getting an approval...without being duped into paying junk loan fees?

Are you tired of working with incompetent call centre staff…frustrated being transferred from one person to another and speaking to so many faceless people who are only trained to deal with one or just certain aspects of the process?

Besides, you are busy.  Pre-occupied with work. Fed up with all the distractions you have to deal with daily...Tired...You don’t have time to waste at your bank!I’m sure you’ll agree that service at the banks are not what it used to be…you can never get a straight answer from them...the paperwork is never-ending and they always need extra documents from you.

Then to top it all...after all the hassles of getting a home loan approval, they’ll probably decline your application without giving you solid reasons for doing so.

Trust me, I've been there...I know how it feels when you don’t get the answers when you want it and not getting the help you want when you need it most. Banks are notorious for giving you an umbrella in summer and taking it away in winter.

If you're nodding your head right now, then I have great news for you…help is on the way.Unlike most banks, who are afraid to commit to helping their clients no matter what.

I’m convinced that if you read the rest of this letter and take advantage of this opportunity that is presented to you it will lift a boat load of stress from your shoulders.


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Who Are You?

If you’re not familiar with who I am, my name is Zulika van Heerden and I’m the owner of GPF Mortgage. I’ve been working as a bond originator (home loan broker) in the home financing and real estate business for over 15 years. During all these years in the mortgage industry I have so many people just like YOU not getting the home loan they deserve because of incompetent staff, bureaucracy and a lot of red tape.

It is such a tragedy because the majority of those declined home loan applications could have been saved if those home buyers did not go to their bank first.

Sadly, most people do not realize how beneficial it can be to get a home loan expert on their side that’s prepared to roll up her sleeves to get your home loan approved at the lowest possible interest rate.

So, why add more stress and worry to your life fighting with incompetent call centre consultants at the bank? Let someone else do the fighting on your behalf so that you can free up more time to spend with your family and friends.

It is a very rewarding experience to help my clients to get the finance they need. In fact, I love working with people and consider myself very fortunate to do something I have a great passion for which is helping people.

To me, it’s rewarding and fun! And because of that natural inborn passion, I am an absolute piranha in getting my clients loans approved. Like anything in life if you study something long enough, you’ll become an expert. No matter what you’re studying.

In my case I’ve learned a thing or two about how the mortgage industry works and how to structure deals to my clients benefit and not the banks. I’ve started in the real estate business, but since 2001, I launched my bond origination and consulting business.

So I have been on both sides of the table and I know this industry inside out

This is How South Africans Shop For Home Loans

Avoid These Mistakes and Save Thousands!


Unfortunately most people don’t know how to shop for home loans. At best they will phone a few banks to find out what their interest rates are.What they don’t realize that getting a quote over the phone means nothing.

Besides, the loan consultant can give you a low quote and sell you a higher price home loan at the closing table.Extreme corporate greed has made applying for a home loan a tricky affair. If you don’t watch where you step, they’ll rob you blind.

Over the years they’ve been practicing what to say, and how to say it smoothly, and how to move on to the next topic before giving you a chance to protest. That might sound juvenile but, in practice this is what happens.

Many bond originators will quote low, get the application and the offer to purchase as fast as they can, and then just say, “Sorry, but rates went up in the meantime.

You’ll have to lock in at this higher rate.” It was their plan all along but there’s no way you can prove it.Managers and owners of some  bond origination companies use this very approach for handling “rate quote” callers.

Your only defense against being overcharged is knowledge.


Why a Home Loan Pledge (Home Loan Pre-Approval) Is a Worthless Piece of Paper


1417035173_envelopeA lot of people are also confused about the usability of a home loan pledge. A pre-approval pledge does not constitute a fixed offer from any bank and they may change the amount stipulated on the pre-approval.

Simply put, when issuing such a  pledge the banks are not committing themselves to this transaction, but they simply say that you could qualify for a certain amount but they do not commit themselves in any way to that loan.

The purpose of a pledge is to get you to call in; it’s not to guarantee your home loan approval. You have to expect home loans sa pre approval pledge that is printed by a bank or bond originator to be similar to a quote over the phone.

So, if you don’t want to get disappointed when looking for your next home, ignore home loan pledges altogether, because it's pretty much useless. Instead opt for a full application right from the start so that you can have a guarantee that you’ll be getting the house of your dreams.

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South Africa Home Loan: People Worry More About The Home Itself Rather Than Financing.

The fact of the matter is, that if buy a overpriced home you’ll get stung for some money, but if you pay too much for your home loan you'll be paying for your mistake for the next 20-30 years.You should realize right from the start that it’s your home loan that will cost you money month after month and not your house!

Another blunder people make when doing an application for sa home loans is that they go to their bank and accept the interest rate the bank offers them. Even though the bank may often give a discount off the prime interest rate, it’s often not the best interest rate available.

People think that just because they are getting a discount that it's the best rate going. Most of the time the interest rate given by banks are not the best on the market. That’s why most sophisticated home buyers hire the services of a specialized mortgage broker who has access to different banks with the best rates available.

For instance, which option do you think will give you the best deal?

OPTION 1- with one bank that says they are offering you the best product, or

OPTION 2- have a number of banks to choose from who are all competing against each other to get your business?  The answer is obvious. Having multiple banks to choose from will not only guarantee you the most competitive rate, it will also allow you to find the best product for your needs, which will give you the peace of mind in knowing you are getting what you want!

Discover How You Can Get an SA Home Loan Approval with the Lowest Rate and Pay ZERO Junk Fees..


As I mentioned just now I’ve been a mortgage broker for over 10 years...I'm not owned by a bank or estate agent, so I do not have to sell you only what my favourite bank has to offer.

I do know what a good loan is and I can show you how to get the best sa home loan available without all the worry and stress.If you don’t mind being taken advantage of, skip this section.

On the other hand, if you are determined to protect yourself financially then read on.Nowadays, home loans come packed full of fees. Banks, after all, are in the business of making money and not to help you save money on your home loan.

So, it should be clear to see that you can lose a lot of money if you rely on your bank for advice. If you don’t know what you’re doing you could end up spending the biggest part of your life paying back interest to your bank.

Of course, your banker or present mortgage holder is not hurrying to tell you about any of this – odds are you are over paying, and he knows it.

These days banks have to do a lot of things: handle cheque, savings and  business accounts, now they’re selling insurance and investments and so on. They’re like a “supermarket.” But I'm a “specialist”. I do one thing and one thing only: home loans.

Once you realize that the managing of your mortgage to build financial security has more to do with the quality of your life than any other one thing (besides your health), doesn’t it make sense to get a top specialist on your side? It’s easy to get a better deal if you know what pitfalls to avoid.


Examples of Home Loan Repayments

(Calculations Based on Prime -1.5%)

Let me show You...How to Get The SA Home Loan Approval You Want And How to Manage Your Mortgage to Set You Free Financially

If you're not only serious about buying a home, but also want to guarantee your sa homeloan financing (I'll explain my bold guarantee in a moment.)  You can apply for a risk-free no obligation quote and get a reply within 60 minutes (Mon - Friday 9am - 4.00pm), or you can contact us at 022 715 4474

As you have probably heard a thousand times before that buying a home or refinancing your current home loan is a major investment.  That is true, but unfortunately most people pay too much for the privilege of owning their own home and they pay for the mistakes until they are old and grey…

Home buyers just like YOU are taken advantage of and if you don’t do something about it you will end up paying tens of thousands of rands extra on your home loan. This is where I come, not to only get you the lowest rate home loan on the market, but to also to make sure that you don’t get ripped off by junk fees and other unnecessary costs.

So don't take my word for it...Here Are a Few Examples of How Much My Services Have Been Worth In Hard Rands and Cents

I would like to say thank you to GPF in helping us secure a bond... as first time buyers and being self employed, we were told by other originators that we wouldn't get a bond... and Charleen Peters (GPF) went out of her way to ensure that we did and we even got 100%. I am really thankful that I used your services..."

Prethee Rajkumar, Randburg, Gauteng

I have never encountered a company who puts their clients first before their own pockets as GPF Mortgage. I was a first time home buyer who have been fighting for years to purchase property. All it took was one email to them and within a week my bond has been approved..."

Johnathan du Preez, Durbanville, Cape Town

I want to make you two promises...

Promise #1

You will be treated well. My company is managed by people with years of experience in the mortgage industry, and we are dedicated to treating you like a fellow human being (not an "account" or a number), with dignity, courtesy, understanding and professionalism.

Promise #2:
I have made this process as simple and streamlined as possible. In most cases, we're going to ask you for just four documents. Ask you less than 10 questions, be able to do everything by phone, fax or email.

Now I Want to Give You The Opportunity to Put
Thousands Back in Your Pocket


Let me put it this way...

With today's high interest rate you will spend more than R1.4 million (@10.5% over 20 years) in interest on an average home of about R1 million. You'll spend up to R65,000 in legal costs and fees. In most cases you will be swayed to take out additional insurance at the bank which will set you back another R300+ pm.

What value can you put on a service which can help you to literally save tens of thousands of rands...You tell me...

Just imagine how you will feel if you are not only are getting the good news that your home loan is approved, but also know that you are not going to pay one cent too much...Imagine how you’ll feel the day you pay off your home loan. Once its paid off, you will truly own your home. You will always have a roof over your head...

Picture how your life will change when you have no more home loan installments to make, and how much more disposable income you'll be able to enjoy. Picture the sense of freedom you will have knowing that you've financed your future and not your banks'!

But that's not all...


Loan Approval Guarantee

(Reaching out and touching someone was never so valuable)

The sad truth in the home loan industry is that, all too often, homebuyers are left feeling ignored by their mortgage brokers. The broker promises the world, then when the time comes to deliver, they're nowhere to be found.

Not only will I verbally promise to communicate with you during the course of your loan application, I will ALSO guarantee your loan approval, so that I have something to lose if I do not live up to my promise.

In other words, if your loan is not approved I will pay you R250 out of my own pocket for failing to do so (conditions apply)

I am able to "put my money where my mouth is" because I am extremely confident in my ability to meet and exceed all of your expectations as they relate to communication and getting your loan approved.

So What To Do Next?


You can pick up the phone and call me at 022 715 4474 during normal business hours or send me an email at info@gpfmortgage.co.za .

I will be happy to talk with you, answer any questions you have; and if you’re ready, collect the information I need from you to suggest the best possible mortgage plan for you.


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To your success,

Zulika van Heerden